The food culture of Ethiopia is renowned for its sourdough flatbread injera. However the traditional preparation on fuelwood or coal has a great impact on health and the environment. The current electric mitads tackle this but still puts an unproportional strain on the electric grid limiting its reach to rural households.

Enat Mitad is creating an energy efficient injera mitad that can play a vital role in the electrification of Ethiopia, bringing clean air to households while ending deforestation due to fuelwood collection.


Enat Mitad uses up to 50% less energy than conventional electrical mitad’s. This allows for a much lighter electric connections, reducing investments in both on- and off- grid solutions.


Inspired by the traditional clay mitad the Enat Mitad uses a high quality ceramic mitad gridle. Built and designed to last for continuous usage in professional bakeries.


Without compromising the quality of injera, the Enat Mitad bakes as good as traditional mitads. The digital power regulation ensures consistent performance. Even during low power conditions.


Enat Mitad aims to end indoor air pollution due to cooking on fire wood and coal, seriously affecting people’s health. We aim to do so by introducing an energy efficient electrical injera mitad.

Replacing traditional with electrical mitads will put an end to deforestation due to fouel wood collection. Not only saving the environment but also saving much time spent on wood collection, providing gender equality.

We aim to set up production in Ethiopia, creating value locally as much as possibly, generating revenue and building capacity .