Enat Mitad is an initiative of Magic Ventures, an engineering, design and consultancy company founded in 2014. It is our mission to ‘Realise innovations that change lives’. We aim to end indoor air pollution and deforestation by introducing energy efficient cooking technologies and methodologies for sustainable food preparation in the developing nations.

We do so in collaboration with international companies, universities and leading European manufacturers of domestic appliances and heating technology. Our practical and market based approach involves field research, focus group sessions, business modelling, design methodologies, and engineering practises.

We specialise in cooking culture and technology. Cooking culture includes customs, traditions, needs and desires and focuses on optimising cooking efficiency and supply chains. Cooking technology includes research, development and design of cook stove technology, including electrical, solar, biomass, and gas.


Magic Ventures works with a Dutch Ethiopian team on developing and producing the Enat Mitad, a sustainable cooking solution for the primary food production of 110 million people in Ethiopia, named Injera. We focused on improving power efficiency and tackling durability issues with a solid business case in mind, both for the end user as for other stakeholders in the value chain

We have a firm belief in the potential of sustainable technologies embedded in a business model tailored to the local market. We plan to set up production, distribution and marketing of the Enat Mitad in Ethiopia, building capacity and creating revenue locally.

The development of the Enat Mitad is co-funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) under Climate-KIC and by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency under the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).


The activities of Magic Ventures aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. Enat Mitad contributes to 10 of the SDG’s with a focus on Health, Environment, Energy and Prosperity.


Reducing indoor air pollution, improving lives of women and children.


Reducing deforestation, and improving local and global climate.


Implementing energy efficient and sustainable technologies. Enabling on and off grid solutions


Realising long-term sustainable benefits for governments, organizations and end-users.


Magic Ventures works in collaboration with a multitude of people and organisations including international companies, non governmental organisations, universities and leading European manufacturers of domestic appliances and heating technology.