Durable baking surface

The baking surface, or mitad, is made from strong, hard and heat drop resistant material. It is impact and scratch resistant meaning it will last very long even under intense usage.

Solid Sealing Lid

Built to last, the lid is fitted with a strong and stable hinge. It lid fits perfectly on the body for improved baking results and thermal efficiency.

Energy Efficient

Due to its high thermal efficiency and solid insulation the Enat Mitad consumes 50% less energy than traditional electrical mitads.

Temperature regulated

The Enat Mitad is fitted with refined temperature regulation. It provides consistent baking temperature and baking results even when the electrical grid is providing little power.

Perfect heating

The heating element is produced with the highest tolerances providing very consistent temperature on the baking surface. Resulting in perfect injera.

Solid Built

Built for intense and continuous usage the Enat Mitad provides professional quality.

Full size Injera

The diameter of the baking surface measures 21” or 53cm in diameter. This means full size injera, just like the traditional mitad.